Some blog posts just stink. At least the readers seem to think so. I’m not sure what makes for a great blog entry, but apparently you do. Here are the best and worst entries (in terms of viewership) from the history of my blog

In my defense, I think some of the the ones in the bottom category deserve a second chance. Perhaps you can help them boost their devestated little egos by checking them out! 😉

My Most Read Blog Posts

In Order of Bestness

  1. The Vow — Kim and Krickitt Carpenter (Book Review)

  2. What is Wrong with Libertarianism?

  3. Robin Hood & The Government Schools

  4. The Socialistic History of the Pledge to the Flag

  5. The Bravehearted Gospel — Interview w/ Eric Ludy

  6. Thomas Kinkade (Dead at 54) and a Perfect World

  7. A Christian Education Manifesto

  8. Osama Bin Laden’s death (King Solomon & Matthew Henry)

  9. Thomas Aquinas’ Six Views of Government

  10. Would You Let This Guy Lead Your Church?!!!

  11. Royal Wedding Hymn (Guide Me — Story Behind the Song)

  12. The Top 10 Most Influential Evangelicals

My Least Read Blog Posts

In Order of Worstness

  1. How the Patriot Act is Unconstitutional — Rand Paul

  2. What Happened to Gospel Preaching?

  3. Truth Brings Both Peace and War — Blaise Pascall

  4. Play the Man! – Hugh Latimer (Christian Martyr)

  5. Becoming a Conference Speaker

  6. Slouchianity? — D.A. Carson

  7. Christian Education in India (RZIM / Wellspring)

  8. Rescue Me: Finding Freedom Through Godly Character — Glenn Meldrum

  9. The Irreducibly Complex Church

  10. A Call to Anguish — by David Wilkerson

Israel Wayne is an Author and Conference Speaker who serves the Lord with Wisdom’s Gate Ministries.