Government / Law / Politics / Civics

Alliance Defending Freedom
Michael Farris

American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ)
Jay Sekulow

American Family Association
Don Wildmon

Center for Christian Statesmanship
D. James Kennedy

Christian Coalition of America

Christian Law Association
David Gibbs, II

Christian Liberty Party
Christian Liberty Party

Concerned Women for America
Beverly LaHaye

Constitution Party

Constitutional Law for Enlightened Citizens
Michael Farris

Family Policy Alliance

Family Research Council
Tony Perkins

God in Government
Ray Harker

J. Michael Smith & Michael Farris

Institute for Principle Studies
Mike Winther

Justice Fellowship
Chuck Colson

Reclaiming America for Christ

The Rutherford Institute
John Whitehead

Save America Ministries
Charles Crismier, III

Student Statesman Institute
James Muffet

Teen Pact
Peter Martin

U.S. Civics Training Initiative