(Preface: This is all in fun.)

You might be involved with the Emergent Church if…

  • You finally understand the Trinity now that you have read “The Shack”.
  • You think “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller is a book on Systematic Theology.
  • You have life-size posters of Rob Bell on your wall.
  • You read every blog entry on Emergent Village (and comment!).
  • You consider Brian McLaren to be your spiritual granddad.
  • You shaved your head to look like Tony Campolo.
  • You think Mark Driscoll is a Fundamentalist.
  • You learned to dance by reading “Soul Salsa” by Leonard Sweet.
  • You sent money to Steve Taylor to help him release his new film.
  • You don’t know what the term “Postmodern” means, but you think it is cool.
  • You buy all your clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch.
  • You chose your current church because they have WiFi and Starbucks!
  • You keep a copy of “The Ragamuffin Gospel” in your car.
  • You read “The Message” bible. You tried an NLT, but it had too many big words.
  • You are in MN to see Doug Pagitt, NOT John Piper.
  • You have a “Tony Jones is my homeboy,” bumper sticker on your eco-friendly hybrid.
  • You love the word, “Conversation,” but cringe at the word, “Sermon.”