Our church received a resume recently from a man who, in his words, wanted to be the “Head of our church.” I thought I would pass this on to you as it was too good to keep to ourselves!

Age: Early 30s.

Marital Status: Single.

Political party: None.

Denominational affiliation: None.

Educational Background: Homeschooled.

College / Bible College: None.

Seminary: None.

Previous Church Experience: None.

Previous Employment: Carpentry.

Current Employment: Unemployed / Street Preacher.

References: We were unable to obtain any positive references from this guy. His neighbors don’t like him. Apparently he grew up in a poor, backwards community that has a reputation of nothing good ever coming from that area. We were told by his neighbors that he was homeless and that he has been seen leading what is considered to be a Zionist gang comprised of a bunch of uneducated teenagers and young men from questionable backgrounds (including one former Militia member with ties to some anti-government, terrorist organizations). We were also told that he is an alcoholic, a glutton and has been seen visiting prostitutes.

He has a bad habit of name-calling when he disagrees with people. At one point he called some church leaders “snakes” and “rotting corpses.”

Theology: He seems to have some extremely heterodox theology that doesn’t fit with mainstream thought or practice. At several previous churches, he was asked to leave for causing division among the members.

Family: When we called his family, they said that he is “out of his mind.” Apparently at one time when they tried to talk some sense into him, he even denied to some of his friends that they were his family. He has a cousin who is a self-made religious leader who lives alone in the wilderness on a very strange diet. His cousin seems to look up to him.

Psychological Evaluation: Has a Messiah Complex coupled with Grandiose Delusions. We have heard that he vacillates between being a loner and wanting to be worshipped by the masses (Bi-Polar?). Seems to have a very co-dependent relationship with his dad, whom he references often.

Criminal History: While charges were never formally pressed, at one former church he didn’t like how things were being handled, so he vandalized some of the church’s furniture and physically assaulted some sub-contractors who worked for the church.

So, as you can see, it seems highly unlikely that this man will EVER be the head of ANY church! I mean, would you let him lead yours?

Written by Israel Wayne, Copyright 2011.

Israel Wayne is an Author and Conference Speaker with Wisdom’s Gate Ministries. He is also the Site Editor for www.ChrisitanWorldview.net.