Sometimes even faithful Christian experience times of doubt and uncertainty. This is not cause to lose hope! Rather, this is just a reminder to turn to the Savior and be patient. Wait for God’s answer. God is always working, even when you can’t see His plan.

This is a great little clip from my friend, Dan Jarvis, a pastor and blogger, on dealing with your doubts as a Christian:

Asaph said in Psalm 77:

6I will remember my song in the night;
I will meditate with my heart,
And my spirit ponders:

7Will the Lord reject forever?
And will He never be favorable again?

8Has His lovingkindness ceased forever?
Has His promise come to an end forever?

9Has God forgotten to be gracious,
Or has He in anger withdrawn His compassion?Selah.

10Then I said, “It is my grief,
That the right hand of the Most High has changed.”

11I shall remember the deeds of the LORD;
Surely I will remember Your wonders of old.

It is in remembering the faithfulness of God in the past, that we have strength and hope for our future.

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