Over the years, I’ve had a lot of people ask me how they can become a conference speaker. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. You need to enjoy public speaking. If you enjoy what you are doing, others probably will also. If not, well…
  2. Have something compelling to say that people need to hear.
  3. Speak within your comfort zone of knowledge and experience.
  4. Find a unique angle on your message. Don’t say the same thing everyone else is saying.
  5. Deliver your message in an interesting and compelling manner.
  6. Be willing to knock on doors, but don’t kick them down. God will open the door if it is His will.
  7. Walk through the doors the Lord opens for you. Be willing to accept invitations you receive (even if small).
  8. Constantly study to know your subject matter better.
  9. Continue to develop and craft your skill as a communicator. Take courses, practice, observe, listen and learn.
  10. Practice personal integrity. You need to live out your message and model it by your lifestyle.

Israel speaking in Sendai, Japan

The main thing is following God’s leading for your life. God always wants you to be teaching someone somewhere. The question is, “Is it in a public setting?” Not everyone is cut out for public speaking ministry. There is also a price to pay. Most people who are in demand as popular conference speakers have paid their dues. They have traveled tens of thousands of miles, endured many sleep-deprived nights, spent hundreds of hours preparing their messages, and spoken before audiences smaller than your family to get to where they are today. Not everyone can or should do this type of work. However, if God has placed a message on your heart, and you steward it wisely, you can be successful as a public speaker.

Israel Wayne is an Author and Conference Speaker and Director of Family Renewal, LLC.