Many of you have been following the Kermit Gosnell case. He was an abortion doctor who brutally murdered babies; even the babies who lived through his abortions.

Last year, my mother, Skeet Savage, had the opportunity to share the gospel in the prison where some of his former staff are being incarcerated. By the grace of God, the convicting and redemptive light of Christ found its way into the hearts of many — including at least one of the young ladies who worked for Gosnell. My mother was able to pray with her as she repented with tears streaming and found forgiveness from our Savior.

I share this to say that there is another side to an issue like this. We all recognize the need for civil justice, but there is also the eternal souls of these people to consider. As you are watching the news about these hearings, please keep in mind that you have a sister in Christ who has walked out a repentance over the past year, in a way that has been acknowledged by those around her including court officials, prison workers, and many others — and even her own letters and testimony (fruit of a changed life).

I’m not arguing against political justice. That has its place, but I am praying that these people (most of whom know they have sinned), will repent of their sin and receive God’s mercy, as at least one of these ladies has done.

In every prison in America, there are women and men just like these people. They need to hear the only truth that can set them free: The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you can pray that the Lord will send missionaries into that dark and fertile field — or maybe you could even be the one to carry God’s light of truth to them?

Israel Wayne is an Author and Conference Speaker and Site Editor of