The World is flat. That isn’t necessarily a good thing.

flat earthWhen Postmodernism (more correctly “Anti-Modernism”) emerged, it successfully dethroned notions of hierarchy, structure, authority and pyramid-shaped leadership. Instead of “teachers,” you should have “facilitators.” Instead of lectures you now have discussions and conversations.

No one  is deemed to have a better idea than anyone else, because there is no such thing as objective ethics or moral truth. Everything is like discussing what flavor of ice cream we like best. How dare anyone suggest that there could be a right or a wrong to anything! Instead, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

The greatest invention during the era of Postmodernism is the Internet. It has added to the great leveling of society. For example, I have worked in Christian publishing for the past 20 years. Back in the “old days,” 15 years or so ago, people who wanted to say something to a mass audience had to spend years in research, write a book, submit it to a traditional publisher and jump through all of the approval processes and criteria of professional editors and reviewers.

Today, in the Flat World, you can publish your own opinions on Facebook, YouTube, or WordPress, or even self-publish an e-book or a print-on-demand book with no outside permission or approval, and very little cost or hassle. This is the day when everyone is an expert. Or so they think.

The problem is…some ideas are just stupid. Not every opinion is worth something.

That last statement will raise the ire of virtually every Postmodernist. I have to say that I tire of hearing uninformed people spout off on a topic about which they have no experience, have never studied, and have no intention of doing so. Just this week in a discussion, and man told me, “I have no time to read opposing views on this topic. I just know my view is right!”

In their minds, the ignorant assume their position is just as worthwhile as the Ph.D. who has dedicated a lifetime to the research of that topic. Now it is abundantly clear that experts often get it wrong. Perhaps that is what led to the rise of Postmodernism in the first place. There has been much good that has emerged with the invention of the Flat World.

I myself have benefited greatly from the tools it offers, particularly social media. However, I think we have lost much by losing respect for those who have dedicated their lives to becoming an expert in their field. 20 years ago, if you bought a book on a topic, you could be far more assured that the author knew something of his or her topic. Today, all you need is a little software savvy, a little money and a lot of opinions.

For me, I want to hear truth, not the uninformed opinions of the masses. That’s my opinion, and I’m stickin’ to it!

Israel Wayne is an Author and Conference Speaker and the Director of Family Renewal.