Over the years, I have known many “frustrated preachers.” By this, I mean people who want to do big things for God (start a ministry, write a book, be a preacher, become a gospel singer, etc.), but things just haven’t come together.

I think there are two primary reasons for this:

1. It’s just not your time. You may be feeling a legitimate drawing of the Holy Spirit to a work, but this is not your season. Be diligent in growing where God has placed you, and let Him raise you up in His good time.

Foter.com / CC BY-SA

2. There is pride in your heart. This is about you and what you can do for God (and yourself). There is something in you that wants to draw attention to yourself and be noticed and applauded. For your own sake, and the good of the Gospel, God will not let you succeed. He will frustrate you at every turn. It’s true that God allows some proud people to have a platform, but I think He loves you too much to allow success, in that way, to destroy you. Let it go, and learn how to just love Jesus and bless and serve others around you.

Evidence of a frustrated preacher #1: He’ll just go off on a rant to anyone who will give him the time of day. He’s like a caged animal and he’s GOT to preach at somebody!

Evidence #2 (of the proud frustrated preacher): He’ll dominate a conversation, and he always has to be the one with the insight. It’s never give and take, he’ll never learn from you. He’s the expert, you are the audience.

Evidence #3: He is…well…frustrated. The problem is, the Holy Spirit doesn’t get frustrated. The fruit of the Spirit is peace, patience and self-control.

Evidence #4: The frustrated preacher often turns prayer time into sermon time. A simple opportunity to thank the Lord for lunch turns into a 10 minute opportunity to expound on every doctrinal pet peeve and pent up frustration at life, the church and others. Just thank the Lord for His blessings and save the sermon for yourself.

Israel Wayne is an Author and Conference Speaker. He is the Director of Family Renewal, LLC.