One of my favorite people in Christian ministry today is Buddy Davis. I first met Buddy and Kay (briefly) when he was speaking in my home state of Michigan in about 2008 or so. He was speaking at a wild game dinner for hunters and outdoorsmen. A lot of the people in attendance were only there to hear stories about hunting big game, and Buddy’s wilderness adventures. But, as he does, Buddy turned the topic to Salvation by faith in Christ alone. It was great to see his boldness and courage in representing Christ, and upholding the authority of Scripture, even to unbelievers.

Our children love his books and his music CDs and DVDs. I highly recommend that you have Buddy in to speak at your church, camp or conference. Also, check out Buddy’s blog and his Facebook page (which is one of my favorite social media pages; there is always something inspiring!). Now you can get to  know him better, through this exclusive interview. — Israel Wayne

Israel Wayne: How did you get involved in Creation ministry?

Buddy Davis: My Creation ministry came about as a result of sculpturing dinosaurs. When I first started sculpturing I believed in evolution. I was a Christian, but all I ever heard was evolution and I accepted it. Early on, an insurance agent stopped by my sculpturing studio and asked if he could give me some literature on creation from the Institute of Creation Research. I agreed and when I read the material, it was like a drink of water in a desert. I could believe the Bible when it talked about Creation! I didn’t have to believe in evolution. I was so excited and I kept reading and studying. There were many scientists who believed in Creation. My dinosaur models drew youth groups from area churches and when the pastor’s saw I had answers about dinosaurs, they invited me to come and speak to their congregation. That started my journey into the Creation ministry. In 1994, I met Ken Ham who had just started Answers in Genesis ministries in Kentucky. He did a conference in my home town of Mt. Vernon, Ohio. After the conference, I showed him my dinosaur models and played him a song that I had written called, “He Makes Dreams Out of Nothing”. That evening opened up my music ministry as well as getting an opportunity to start my children’s ministry.

Buddy Davis

Kay and Buddy Davis with Israel Wayne in Alaska, 2012.

Israel Wayne: How did you begin to do dinosaur sculptures?

Buddy Davis: I was self-employed as a taxidermist and had a very successful business. I learned about animal anatomy and expressions. In looking back, God directed me into sculpturing dinosaurs. I became obsessed with dinosaurs and wanted to try to do a sculpture of one. It was trial and error on my part. I did not have any formal training but kept experimenting on my own techniques. My first large dinosaur took me about 3 years to complete. I have sculpted about 100 different dinosaurs and pterodactyls and other extinct creatures.

Israel Wayne: How many instruments do you play? How did your music Ministry develop?

Buddy Davis: I can play 8 different instruments (guitar, mandolin, banjo, Fiddle, dobro, dulcimer, upright bass, harmonica). I lived in Nashville, TN for a while and was signed as a singer/ Songwriter with Joe Taylor Artist Agency. This agency handled some of the members of the Grand Old Opry and a TV show called “Hee Haw”. God had other plans for my music and in His timing, I met Ken Ham and joined Answers in Genesis as their singer/songwriter, as well as a speaker. I sing on the road at conferences as well as doing a concert every day when I am at the Creation Museum.

Israel Wayne:  Tell us about your workshops at the Creation Museum.

Buddy Davis: When I am at the Creation Museum, I lead a workshop every Day. We have a new workshop starting this year titled, “Cool Critters of the Ice Age”. I do about 20 minutes of teaching and then the class gets to do a sculpturing craft that they take home with them. These workshops are for the entire family.

Israel Wayne: What are some of your best memories from some of the many Creation Adventures you have taken?

Buddy Davis: I have been fortunate enough to go on many different adventures but one of the best and toughest was when I searched for Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. It was hard physically because of mountain sickness you could get because of the thin air. Few people get the opportunity to go on such a trip. No, we did not find the Ark but it was this adventure that spurred me on to other adventures. Another adventure was to search for unfossilized dinosaur bones in the wilderness of Alaska. We endured mosquitoes, glacier-fed rivers, quick sand, and long hours of rafting but found the bones we were looking for.

Israel Wayne: What do you like to do in your free time?

Buddy Davis: I like hunting pheasants with my dog. I love to fly fish, take walks, enjoy dinosaur sculpturing, and playing my instruments. My passion is to bring people close to the Lord with the talents that God has given me.

Israel Wayne: What would you say to someone who may be reading this blog who has never put their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation?

Buddy Davis: I would tell them that putting their faith in Jesus Christ is the most important decision they would ever make. This decision is where you will spend eternity. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”. I John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Israel Wayne is an Author and Conference Speaker. He is the Director of Family Renewal, LLC.