Focus on the Family (FOTF) has introduced a new documentary on the family entitled, IrreplaceableTim Sisarich, Executive Director of Focus on the Family – New Zealand hosts the program and he travels around the world to interview Christian leaders, researchers, parents, inmates, and random individuals. His goal is to discover, “What went wrong with the family?”

IrreplaceableWebAds300x250This film features interviews with Christian leaders like Nancy Pearcey, Eric Metaxas, John Stonestreet and others.

The loss of the sacredness of sexuality has led to the loss of the value of marriage, which led to loss of the value of children, which has led to a loss of the value of unborn children. Fathers have been notably absent in our culture, which leads to all sorts of anti-social behavior and a sense of disconnectedness and loss in the lives of young adults.

This film is compelling and challenging without offering simplistic solutions. It does not shy away from hard questions, but neither does it cast vague and harsh dispersions against distant enemies of straw. It focuses the solutions at our own human hearts.

Family ProjectIn mid-May of 2014, FOTF will role out a curriculum entitled, “The Family Project,” of which this film is an introduction. Irreplaceable will be aired in theaters on one day, May 6, 2014, but will be released on DVD in the Summer of 2014.

Because of the mature themes of sexuality discussed in the film, I suggest that viewers stick with FOTF’s recommendation of ages 15 and above, but I highly recommend this as a date night film to watch together and discuss as a married couple. As the family goes, so goes the nation. I’m really pleased to see FOTF releasing such a well-produced and effective effort. Please check it out!

Israel Wayne is an Author and  Conference Speaker. He is the Director of Family Renewal, LLC and Site Editor for