The Gen2 Conference is for Christian Leaders who care what happens with the Millennial generation. Evangelicals have expended unprecedented amounts of money and energy on reaching Christian youth. Christian youth ministries abound and Christian schooling options have multiplied in the last few decades, including homeschooling and home discipleship movements.

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Have we ever put so much time and resources into the youth, and seen so little results?

The last 40 years

It was the age of youth ministry.
It was the age of homeschooling.
It was the age of the Millennials.

But did it accomplish anything?

The Gen2 Survey conducted in 2013 and 2014 is the largest Christian study ever conducted on the Millennial generation. What do they believe, why, and what influenced them growing up? We looked at worldview issues, method of education, commitment to church, parent-child relationships, cultural inputs, and commitment to the Christian faith.

Did the Christian homeschool movement of the last 40 years make a difference? Or, was it counter productive?

What will the next generation of Christian leaders look like? What will they face?

Join some of the nation’s most noted Christian leaders to examine the failures and successes of 40 years of church youth ministry, family ministry, and home education. The Gen 2 Conference will look at how we lose. . . and how we win the next generation.

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