Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview

by Dr. J. P. Moreland and Dr. William Lane Craig (two of the most respected leaders in Christian apologetics), is an epic work!

Philosophy is a topic that most Christian avoid. They tend to do so for two primary reasons:

  1. They feel it is beyond their comprehension.
  2. They believe it to be bad.

On the first point, that is often the case. Philosophers are known for taking difficult concepts, and making them even more difficult to understand.

On the second, if we consider the etymology of the word, Philosophy, we will see that it is the combination of two Greek words: philo (meaning “love”) and sophia (meaning “wisdom”). We are commanded in Scripture to “love wisdom” (Prov. 4:6), so in that sense, we all should “do” philosophy.

And I would contend, we do. We all grapple with the big questions of life: “What is reality? Who am I?, What is my purpose? What is right and wrong? What happens when I die?” These are philosophical questions. The question is not, “Should we do philosophy?” but rather “Is my approach to philosophy Biblical, or Humanistic?”

This book covers (in the Introduction): “What is philosophy?” It also addresses the issue of argumentation and logic. It then addresses:

  • Epistemology (the study of knowledge)
  • Metaphysics (the study of being or reality — includes the study of ideas)
  • Philosophy of Science (the study of the physical world and nature’s laws)
  • Ethics (knowing what is right and wrong)
  • Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology

There are many sub-categories under each. The material is presented at a college level, and unless you are especially interested in this topic, this is not a book that you will choose to curl up with at night. But it is an amazing reference tool, and pastors, counselors, Christian leaders, and serious scholars will definitely want to add this resource to their study collection. Did I mention it is almost 700 pages?!!

This is the most comprehensive book I have seen to-date on this important topic.

This new second edition is case-bound and was released in October 2017, by InterVarsity Press.

Review by Site Editor for Israel Wayne